Coaching is guided questioning and processing, that’s a co-partnership between the coach and client. It’s a commitment of time, resources, and perspectives. Unlike therapy, consulting or counseling, coaching is a collaboration. Profeesional Life Coaching is a nonjudgmental place to explore options and consider possibilities!


I empower adults and leadership teams to grow in Work/Life Balance, and Business endeavors, discovering their options and attitudes. Adults with ADD/ADHD or health challenges seeking support in their personal and professional lives are encouraged. My coaching webinars/workshops/presentations provide in-person or remote support in Self-Care and Growth, for individuals as well as groups.


You are worth the time!  To schedule your free 30 min. Inquiry Call, please contact Joan.

How is Life Coaching different from other kinds of coaching?

Why do I need to consider working with a Professional Life Coach?

How do I start meeting with you as my Life Coach?

Are small group coaching or other options offered?

How much does it cost to hire a Professional Life Coach?