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Hello! Do you desire to move forward in your thinking and life/work actions? You’re in the right place!

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I engage men and women in the discovery of their options, personally and professionally.  By exploring strategies and perspectives, I help you recognize your strengths and skill sets.  Life Balance and Transitions require Resilency, and I empower clients to thrive, instead of living in exhaustion. As co-partners, we collaborate to build “energy gainers” to enhance Soul and Self-Care.


Forward Steps in Life Coaching helps you realize potential and progress. Coaching sessions offers a customized opportunity to move forward, to unearth what’s ahead and possible, instead of being stuck.


I offer a complimentary 30 minute Inquiry Call, to ask questions and get acquainted.   Contact Joan


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What Ifs to Even ifs

How many times have you thought, "What if ________happens"? What if ______doesn't happen? Adults often get caught in the What if ... trap.  Beware, or as I like to suggest, Be Alert! The link from Psychology Today will help you reconsider turning negatives into positives.                     more
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January Janus

Worldwide, January is considered the start of a calendar year.  According to the Romans, Janus the Roman god has a right profile that looks ahead while his left profile looks back, simultaneously. Is this you and me?  As a Certified Professional LIfe Coach, many adults will state they can’t “look ahead” until they first “look back”. What about you? I’m suggesting the 3 L’s of Janus be considered, as you more
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Finding Joy

Joy is an attitude, a mindset, a lens and a way of being!  But with so many disasters, tragedies, illnesses, and losses, while happiness is often dependent on circumstances, Joy is not connected to events or situations.  The Mayo Clinic posted this article on tips for finding joy:  The word JOY is especially evident during this Winter Holiday Advent more
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The change from daylight savings to standard time always hits me hard, like a gut punch I see coming at me. For many people affected with SAD (Season Affective Disorder), this shift is not just a physical hit but can also be an emotional trigger. SAD can appear in the summer, as well! So, how do you switch from SAD to S.A.N. E.? As a Certified Professional LIfe Coach and a Group Mastery Coach, more