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Hello! Do you desire to move forward in your thinking and life/work actions? You’re in the right place!

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I empower and encourage adults in the discovery of their options, personally and professionally.  By exploring strategies and perspectives, I support business owners and employees to identify goals, strengths and skill sets. Work/Life Balance and Transitions require resilency, and I collaborate with clients to thrive, not just survive. As co-partners, we find your “energy gainers” for Self-Care and Growth.


Forward Steps in Life Coaching supports others to realize potential and progress. Coaching sessions offers a customized opportunity to move forward, to unearth what’s ahead and possible, instead of being stagnant.


I offer a complimentary 30 minute Inquiry Call, to ask questions and get acquainted.   Contact Joan


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April Anticipation

What are you looking forward to this April? Filing taxes or getting a tax refund?  A family celebration or a high school milestone? Recitals, theater productions or concert performances?  Anticipation brings multiple emotions, thinking processes - internally and externally, for children and adults. In an article › growing-a-businessAnticipation is the Key to Success | Entrepreneur (Dec 27, 2021) three strategies are offered: 1) Plan for Anticipation  2) more
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Decisions, Decisions!

Did you know there are 5 models of according to experts of Decision Making? The decision-making models and process can be researched further at  But then, there’s more decisions to make. Spring is a pivotal season for people, with religious and secular holidays to celebrate, a shift in climate, emerging plant life, and increased hours of daylight. These changes impact your mood, mindset, more
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What Ifs to Even ifs

How many times have you thought, "What if ________happens"? What if ______doesn't happen? Adults often get caught in the What if ... trap.  Beware, or as I like to suggest, Be Alert! The link from Psychology Today will help you reconsider turning negatives into positives.                     more
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January Janus

Worldwide, January is considered the start of a calendar year.  According to the Romans, Janus the Roman god has a right profile that looks ahead while his left profile looks back, simultaneously. Is this you and me?  As a Certified Professional LIfe Coach, many adults will state they can’t “look ahead” until they first “look back”. What about you? I’m suggesting the 3 L’s of Janus be considered, as you more