Meet Coach  Joan Munro

Hello! Do you desire to move forward in your thinking and life/work actions? You’re in the right place!

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I engage men and women in the discovery of their options, personally and professionally.  By exploring strategies and perspectives, I help you recognize your strengths and skill sets.  Life Balance and Transitions require Resilency, and I empower clients to thrive, instead of living in exhaustion. As co-partners, we collaborate to build “energy gainers” to enhance Soul and Self-Care.


Forward Steps in Life Coaching helps you realize potential and progress. Coaching sessions offers a customized opportunity to move forward, to unearth what’s ahead and possible, instead of being stuck.


I offer a complimentary 30 minute Inquiry Call, to ask questions and get acquainted.   Contact Joan


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Unsolicited Advice

Think about it:  How many times have you been given (or gave) unsolicited advice?  How did it make you feel? Friends, family, and even strangers may have a good intent, but often unsolicited advice is more about sharing their own story/experience. Unsolicited advice might be given, when they just need to listen. Can you relate? As a Certified Professional LIfe Coach, clients need someone to listen intentionally, ask deep questions in order to encourage possible more
Career - Personal Growth - Transitions

Educators often refer to the term of “Summer Slump” to explain academic decline that occurs in learning during the time when students are not in school, with a full schedule of classes.  However, this term applies in the the business world, as well.  Everyone experiences a break or a change of seasons in life, but what about being more productive? Forbes magazine listed twenty ways to actually build productivity during the “ more
Personal Growth - Transitions

My Growth

A poem  “My Growth” by Virginia Satir is one that I have posted on my inspiration board. Its poetic and wise simplicity relate to the many responsiblities of adulthood.  Whatever twists and turns surface in your life and relationships, this poem is a reminder that growth isn’t linear, but one step at a time.                             more
Family - Career - Personal Growth - Transitions

What Ifs?

“What Ifs” can be maddening or never ending.  Like an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole that reveals more darkness, a person can fall further and further down, into a pit of self-doubt.  Could you use a life preserver to grab onto instead?                                                  Every one of us wonders and second guesses decisions at some point, but more